3 Day introduction to Final Cut Pro

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This three-day hands-on course introduces students to the primary feature set and basic interface of Final Cut Pro. In this course, you learn to perform basic editing functions while familiarizing yourself with the user interface. Topics include basic setup, adjusting and customizing preferences and settings, capturing video and audio, various editing and trimming techniques, ripple, roll, slip and slide tools, audio editing and audio creation, finishing and final output.


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This class is designed for anyone looking to edit professional-quality video using Final Cut Pro. Understanding of the Macintosh operating system and basic computer navigation is desired. The course is designed for those who prefer hands-on and interactive instruction to best explore the full functionality of Final Cut Pro.

This course covers the requirements necessary to become an Apple Certified Pro, Level 1.

Students should have the following prerequisite knowledge prior to attending the course: Basic knowledge of the Macintosh OS

This 3 day course covers the following areas:

  1. Project, Bin and Effects Tabs  
  2. Bins and Sequences  
  3. Thumbnail viewing in List Mode  
  4. Clip Tabs  
  5. The Video, Audio, Filters, Motion Tabs  
  6. The Zoom and View Buttons  
  7. Video Generators  
  8. Loading Clips into the Viewer for
  9. adjustments  
  10. Playing Video and Audio in the Viewer  
  11. Loading Stills into the Viewer  
  12. Timecode Navigation  
  13. Creating Subclips  
  14. Preparing clips for Timeline  
  15. Selecting Ins and Outs  
  16. L-Cut or Split Edits in the Viewer  
  17. Unlimited RT vs Safe RT  
  18. AV Patching  
  19. The Timeline and the Playhead  
  20. 3 point Editing  
  21. Overwrite, Insert and Replace Editing  
  22. Fit To Fill Editing  
  23. Superimpose Editing  
  24. Adding, deleting and monitoring Tracks  
  25. Enabling Video and Audio Tracks in the
  26. Timeline  
  27. TC in the Timeline/Canvas  
  28. Clip Overlays  
  29. Snapping controls  
  30. Linked selections  
  31. Motion and LiveType Real-Time  
  32. Enhanced Media Management  
  33. Native HDV editing  
  34. Audio control surfaces support .  
  35. Selection tools  
  36. Editing tools  
  37. Razor Blade tool  
  38. Zoom In/Out tool  
  39. Hand, Crop and Distort tools  
  40. Pen Tools Transition/Filter FX  
  41. Transitions  
  42. Applying Filters to a Clip  
  43. Applying and adjusting transitions to a cut  
  44. Setting a Default transition  
  45. Saving a Custom  
  46. Applying and adjusting a filter on Clips  
  47. Adding and Deleting Keyframes  
  48. Creating Smooth Keyframes  
  49. Settings Between Clips  
  50. Time Ramping  
  51. Text Generators  
  52. Motion and Scale FX  
  53. The Motion Tab  
  54. Using the Canvas For Motion/Scale FX  
  55. Rendering FX  
  56. The Render Quality Settings  
  57. Rendering a Selection  
  58. Rendering the Timeline  
  59. Edit to Tape and Print to Video explained  
  60. Output To File: QuickTime  
  61. Export options  
  62. Importing at a lower compression RToffline  
  63. Log and capture
  64. finish program at full resolution  
  65. RT Extreme with Dynamic RT  
  66. Multichannel audio input  


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