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Adobe After Effects Intro Training, UK training, Cut-it Training


2 Days

Learn the basics of using After Effects to create exciting motion graphics and visual effects. Our 2 day basic training course gets you quickly up to speed with the interface, workflow and key areas of Adobe After Effects.  Completion of this course will give you a good fundamental knowledge of After Effects, and the confidence to use it in a professional environment.

The emphasis throughout this intro course is on practical exercises. These exercises cover incorporating video with Photoshop and Illustrator graphics, video layering techniques, working with key frames, using filters for special effects and rendering your final project. You will also learn how  to optimise the finished product for broadcast TV, and social media.


Any one who needs a good solid grounding in the basics of creating motion graphics and visual effects in Adobe After Effects.


You need no previous experience of Adobe After Effects to attend this course.


Day 1

  • Setting up a project

  • Using the Project window

  • Importing Media

  • Creating a New Composition

  • Composition Settings

  • Amending Composition Settings

  • Adding media to a composition

  • Layers

  • Using layers

  • Layer order

  • Turning layer visibility on and off

  • Soloing layers

  • Hiding layers

  • Locking Layers

  • Working with layers over time

  • Using the Timeline

  • Trimming layers

  • Animating layers independently

  • Using Text Layers

  • Using Shape layers

  • The Transform properties

  • Using Blend Modes

  • Animating Scale, position, Rotation Anchor Point, Opacity

  • Keyframe basics

  • Adding Keyframes,

  • Deleting Keyframes,

  • Moving Keyframes,

  • Amending Keyframe Values

  • Keyframe interpolation basics

  • Copying & pasting Keyframes

  • Adding Effects

  • Amending Effects

  • Effects Controls Tab

  • Keyframing & Animating effects

  • Adding Text

  • Amending & Formatting Text

  • Adding Text animation pre-sets

  • Retiming Text animation pre-sets

  • Using Layer styles

  • Adding Graphics

  • Turning a layer into a 3D layer

  • Moving and rotating in 3D

  • Understanding and creating Pre-Comps

  • Using Pre-Comps

  • Using a Track Matte

  • Using Alpha channels

  • Looping video footage

  • Rendering & exporting a final movie

  • Optimising for social media or Broadcast

Day 2

  • Round tripping with Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Importing Compositions into Premiere Pro

  • Dynamic Link

  • Exporting from Premiere Pro to After Effects

  • Importing layers from Photoshop

  • Importing Layered Illustrator Files

  • Turning Illustrator Files into editable vector graphics

  • Making Photoshop Text editable

  • Making Photoshop Layer Styles editable

  • Creating a path

  • Animating shapes along a Path

  • Auto-Orient

  • More about key frames

  • Further principles of key framing

  • Copying and pasting key frames

  • Key frame assistants

  • Time reverse key framing

  • Simultaneously editing multiple key frames

  • Using Parent and Child layers

  • Adding Motion Blur

  • Introduction to using mattes

  • Making layers react interactively

  • Motion Tracking

  • Shot stabilisation

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