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Use After Effects faster with our top 20 Adobe After Effects keyboard short cuts for Mac and Windows

Play Timeline


Zoom in on Timeline


Zoom out on Timeline


Zoom in on Composition Window

CMD = (mac), CTRL = (Windows)

Zoom Out on Composition Window

CMD - (mac), CTRL - (Windows)

Constrain movement when dragging object in Composition window

Hold down shift

Snap to keyframes / Layer end / Playhead in Timeline

Hold down shift

Replace content of a layer

Drag new media from Project window onto layer in Layers panel holding down Option Key (Mac) Alt Key (Windows)

Do Keyframe Scaling

Hold the ALT button, then drag keyframes.

Trim start of layer to playhead

Option I (Mac) Alt I (Windows)

Trim End of layer to playhead

 Option O (Mac) Alt O (Windows)

See All Keyframes

Select layers, then simply press the U key

Duplicate Layers

Windows: Control + D

Mac: Command + D

Quickly Transform Components

Layer Position shortcut: Press P

Layer Scale shortcut: Press S

Layer Rotation shortcut: Press R

Layer Opacity shortcut: Press T

Create the Wiggle Effect

Hold Alt and click on Stopwatch for Position property, then type wiggle (6,8)

Quick Access to Composition Settings

Windows: Control+ K

Mac: Command + K

Create a New Solid Layer

Windows: Control + Y

Mac: Command + Y

Move Playhead Frame by Frame

Windows: Hold Ctrl, then use the left and right arrows to move frames

Mac: Hold Command, then use the left and right arrows.

Set Render Regions

Use the B & N buttons to set render regions.

Split a Layer

Windows: Hold Control & Shift & the D button on the keyboard.

Mac: Hold Control & Shift & the D button on the keyboard.

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