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Adobe After Effects Intermediate Training, UK Training, Cut-it Training


2 Days

Take your knowledge of Adobe After Effects to the next level with our 2 day hands on Adobe After Effects intermediate training course. Covering areas such as 3D composition, Kinetic Text & Particles.

Learn new skills, increase your knowledge and enhance your creativity. The emphasis throughout this training is on hands on  practical exercises.


Any existing After Effects users with a good basic knowledge of Adobe After Effects, (Or having completed our  After Effects intro course) wishing to take their After Effects abilities and creativity to the next level.


An existing basic knowledge of Adobe After Effects is required. Please take a look at the After Effects Intro training course outline for an idea of the areas of existing knowledge expected.


Day 1

  • Advanced Keyframe animation

  • Adding keyframes

  • Adjusting Keframe interpolation

  • Easy Ease In, Easy Ease Out, Easy Ease

  • Hold,

  • Bezier

  • Auto Bezier and Continuous Bezier

  • Using the Keyframe Graph to Customise Keyframe interpolation.

  • Using Animators

  • Applying Multiple animators

  • Using repeaters to create a pattern

  • Creating custom animations using animators

  • Creating Kinetic Text

  • Using text animation presets

  • Customising text animation presets

  • Saving bespoke text animation presests

  • Create a Track Matte Wipe

  • How to play video through text and graphics

  • Time remapping

  • Using the Time Warp Effect

  • Speed changes

  • Freeze frame

  • Using parent layers

  • Adding basic expressions

  • Linking parameters

Day 2

  • Creating Outline Text

  • Animating along a path

  • Drawing an outline on & off

  • Using Precomps

  • Using Null Objects to control animations

  • Rotoscoping

  • Using animation presets - backgrounds

  • Color Correction & Grading

  • Using the Lumetri Color Effect

  • 3D Tracking

  • 3D Extrude + Ray Trace Mode

  • Creating a 3D scene

  • 3D views

  • Extruding Text and Graphics

  • Creating Cameras

  • Animating cameras

  • Creating Lights

  • Render options


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