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Adobe Premiere Pro Advanced


2 Days

Already an experienced user of  Adobe Premiere Pro? This  2 day hands on advanced training course will enable you to take your editing and creativity to the next level.

This course is designed for those who want to take their editing skills in Adobe Premiere to the level of a professional editor. We also recommend this course for those planning to gain Adobe Certified Expert status.

The course covers advanced editing techniques and short cuts, media management issues, getting the best from the range of filters in both Premiere, working with sound, visually effective ways of working with text, working with motion and transparency and optimising video for broadcast, HD and the web.


This class is designed for anyone looking to edit professional-quality video using Adobe Premiere Pro. A intermediate understanding of Premiere Pro is desired. The course is designed for those who prefer hands-on and interactive instruction to best explore the full functionality of Adobe Premiere Pro.


An Intermediate understanding of Adobe Premiere is required.


Day One

  • Overview of features

  • Effective media management

  • Optimising your system

  • The Mercury playback engine

  • Checking playback settings

  • Optimising Preferences

  • Optimising & saving a workspace


  • Advanced editing

  • Edit & Trim short cuts

  • Dynamic trimming in the timeline

  • Using the trim Monitor

  • Replacing clips retaining attributes


  • Sync Lock

  • Unlinking video and audio

  • Spliting audio channels

  • Multicam Editing

  • External Audio Sync

  • Syncing clips

  • Creating an animated still sequence

  • Using Scale & Set to Frame Size settings

Day Two

  • Using sound

  • Sample level editing

  • VST filters

  • Applying Track based effects

  • Keyframing Track audio levels

  • Using The Audio track mixer

  • Using the audio workspace

  • Noise removal


  • Working with motion and transparency

  • Setting keyframes

  • Using alpha channels

  • Using Blend Modes

  • Using the Track Matte Key Effect

  • Using The Ultra Key effect

  • Producing a clean key with unevenly lit or problematic backgrounds


  • Using improved slo-mo

  • Time remapping (Variable speed Effects)

  • Keyframing effects

  • Using Effect Masks

  • Tracking using masks


  • Using the Lumetri Colour Effect for Colour correction and grading

  • Primary Correction

  • Understanding Video Scopes

  • Adjusting colour across multiple clips

  • Using multiple, nestable timelines

  • Using the adjustment layers

  • Exporting video

  • Exporting for broadcast

  • Exporting for the web

  • Batch export via Adobe Media Encoder

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