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Apple Motion Basic Training


2 Days

This two day hands-on course will familiarize students with the basics of Motion, Apple’s revolutionary software for motion graphics design.

The course comprehensively covers working with Motion’s Real-Time Design engine and interface, behavior-based animation, parameter behaviors, blend modes, advanced particle system design, advanced title animation, working with templates, chroma key techniques, masking methods, motion menu design, working with audio, keyframing, and integration with Final Cut Pro X.


This class is designed for anyone looking to learn more about motion graphics using Motion.


Students should have the following prerequisite knowledge prior to attending the course: Basic knowledge of the Macintosh OS.


Day 1

  • A Tour of Motion

  • Getting to know the interface

  • Some Windowing Hot Keys

  • Setting the Play Range

  • Zooming the Canvas

  • Adding Objects

  • Applying Behaviors

  • Applying Filters,

  • Soloing Objects and RAM previews

  • Deactivating Behaviors & Filters

  • Adding Text

  • Formatting & animating text

  • Text Behaviours

  • Creating a custom Text Behaviour

  • Working in the Inspector

  • Working with Gradients

  • Saving Favourite Gradients & Filters

  • Using HUD and Sliders,

  • Rendering a Generated Object

  • Working with Layers and Objects

  • Building a Multi-Layered Composite

  • Navigating the Layers Tab,

  • Working with Filters and Behaviors in the Layers Tab.

  • Creating Your Own Templates

  • Publishing to FCP X

  • Round Tripping with FCP X

Day 2

  • Using Particle Simulations.

  • Particles and Parameter Behaviors

  • Building Particles from a Movie Clip

  • Refining the Particle System

  • Adding a Splash of color,

  • Changing Scale, Birth, Death, and Transitory In-between Called Life,

  • Using Parameter Behaviors

  • Using Generators Applying Generators from the Library

  • Exploring Abstract Particles

  • Using Replicators

  • Creating Custom Replicators

  • Animating Replicators using behaviours

  • Adding strokes

  • Using stroke styles

  • Drawing a stroke on & off the screen

  • Using Blend Modes Blending Objects,

  • Creating a Title

  • Adding a Logo,

  • Importing Illustrator files as Vector Graphics

  • Importing Photoshop Layers

  • Changing Media Properties, Sound.

  • Keying Pulling a Key,

  • Treating the Edges

  • Creating a Garbage Matte

  • Keyframing the Garbage Matte

  • Adding a Zoom Blur.

  • Keyframing Animating, Setting the keys manually

  • Working in the Keyframe Editor,

  • Creating Text Effects,

  • Working with Text Parameters,

  • Animating the Position

  • Applying Motion Blur

  • Working with the sequence behavior

  • Going further with text

  • Creating slowmo

  • Creating a 3D scene

  • The 3D scene Tools

  • Animating a Camera in a 3D scene

  • Adding lights to a 3D scene

  • 3D Text

  • Integrating with Apple Pro Applications Creating a Lower Third for Final Cut Pro

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