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Basic Camera Training


1 Day

In today’s hi-tech, multimedia lead world, use of video cameras has become both cheaper & much more widespread. From home use to professional use, basic camera skills training dictates the difference between achieving amateur looking or professional looking results.

This course will teach you how to achieve professional looking results from camcorders and DSLR cameras, as well as giving an understanding of basic video pre-production and production. We even advise on suitable camera kit to take your production capabilities further


Any one wishing to use a video camera & obtain professional looking results, whatever the nature of the video shoot should attend this course. If you also require video editing training, please look at our longer video production courses, or our Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and Divinci Resolve training courses.


No previous knowledge of video production or camera skills are required.


 The Thinking Process

  •  Audience, purpose, content style.

Pre Production

  • Pre-production thinking & the paperwork that you produce from it

  • Outline, treatment

  • Shooting script

  • Storyboard

  • Production schedule

  • Production checklist


  • Importance of technical quality:

  • Good sound

  • Good lighting

  • White balance

  • Using a tripod

  • frameing Shots

  • Balanced composition relevant / neutral background
  • Shoot optimum amount storyboard

  • Logging Shots

Appropriate Illustrative Material

  • B Roll, GV’s / Cutaways

  • Establishing shot

  • Get as many cutaways as possible

  • Relevant cut-aways

  • Think in sequences of shots

  • Close Ups

  • Continuity

  • Camera Shots:

  • Long Shot, Wide Shot

  • Mid Shot, Medium Close Up, Close Up, Extreme Close Up

  • Camera Moves

  • Pans, Tilts, Zooms, Tracking Shot, Dolly Shot , Sweep 

Framing Shots

  • The Rule of Thirds & Balance Compostition

Crossing The Line


  • Soft, Sharp

  • Depth of Field, Pull focus

  • How to Use the Manual Focus  

  • Adjust focus ring

  • Camera Controls

  • Iris, Shutter
, Gain
, Lens angle (zoom),  Camera filters

  • Neutral Density (ND)

White Balance

Setting up for an interview

Basic Lighting Set-up

  • Shooting outdoors

  • Shooting Indoors


  • Handheld mic, Omnidirectional, Bidirectional, Unidirectional

  • Boom Mic

  • Radio Clip Mic

  • Built in camera mic

  • Traps to avoid

Practice Shooting Vox Pops / Interview

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