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Divinci Resolve Color Grading Training


2 Days

Learn the basics of color correction and grading using DaVinci Resolve. This  2 day hands on training course will teach you the key tools & the colour correction & grading process.

Learn the rules and process of Colour Correction, how to read scopes and use them to analyse and fix shots. How to use qualifiers and masks to do secondary correction and build grades. How to track elements in a shot, and how to colour correct over a sequence. And how to save and apply grades over a sequence.


This course is designed to teach DaVinci Resolve and the basic principles and process of colour correction and grading to any one with little or no prior experience.


A basic understanding of video editing is desired.


Day 1


Color Correcting a DaVinci Resolve Timeline


Balancing Footage

  • Opening a Resolve Archive

  • Setting up Project Backups

  • Understanding the Grading Workflow

  • Setting Tonal Range and Contrast

  • Balancing Colors

  • Understanding Log Controls and Primaries Wheels


Creating Color Continuity

  • Building a Shot-Matching Strategy

  • Organizing Shots Using Flags and Filters

  • Applying Shot Match

  • Matching Shots Using Stills

  • Comparing and Matching Shots Manually


Correcting and Enhancing Isolated Areas

  • Controlling the Viewer’s Eye

  • Sharpening Key Elements

  • Tracking Obscured Objects

  • Fixing Overcast Skies

  • Warping Colors to a Target

  • Enhancing Skin Tones with Face Refinement

  • Adjusting Skin Tones Manually


Day 2


Managing Nodes and Grades


Conforming from an XML Timeline

  • Importing an XML Timeline

  • Syncing an Offline Reference

  • Conforming a Timeline

  • Associating HQ Footage with a Timeline for Online Workflows

  • Maximizing the Dynamic Range


Mastering the Node Pipeline

  • Understanding Node-based Compositing

  • Understanding the Importance of Node Order

  • Creating Separate Processing Pipelines with a Parallel Mixer Node

  • Visualizing Mixer Nodes

  • Compositing Effects with the Layer Mixer Node


Managing Grades Across Clips and Timelines

  • Copying Grades from Clips and Stills

  • Working with Local Versions

  • Appending Grades and Nodes

  • Using Shared Nodes Across Multiple Clips

  • Saving Grades for Other Projects

  • Copying Timeline Grades using ColorTrace

  • Copying Grades using the Timelines Album


Optimizing the Grading Workflow

  • Using Groups

  • Preparing Media Using Scene Cut Detection

  • Creating a Group

  • Applying Base Grades at Pre-Clip Group Level

  • Making Clip-Specific Adjustments at the Clip Group Level

  • Creating a Unifying Look Using the Post-Clip Group Level

  • Applying Timeline Level Grades and Effects


Adjusting Image Properties

  • Understanding Timeline Resolutions and Sizing Palette Modes

  • Using Keyframing

  • Applying Noise Reduction

  • Optimizing Performance with Render Cache


Setting up RAW Projects

  • Adjusting RAW Settings at the Project Level

  • Adjusting RAW Settings at the Clip Level

  • Updating Sidecar Data 270 Setting up a Render Cache for RAW Media Projects



  • Using Lightbox to Check Timeline Prior to Delivery

  • Understanding the Render Workflow and Presets

  • Creating Custom Renders and Saving Presets

  • Configuring a Timeline for Digital Cinema

  • Rendering a DCP

  • Using the Commercial Workflow to Export Versions

  • Exploring Advanced Render Settings

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