2 Days

Learn the basics of color correction and grading using Davinci Resolve. This 2 day hands on training course will teach you the key tools & the colour correction & grading process.

Learn the rules and process of Colour Correction, how to read scopes and use them to analyse and fix shots. How to use qualifiers and masks to do secondary correction and build grades. How to track elements in a shot, and how to colour correct over a sequence. And how to save and apply grades over a sequence.


This course is designed to teach Divinci Resolve and the basic principles and process of colour correction and grading to  any one with little or no prior experience.


A basic understanding of video editing is desired.


Day 1

Set UP

  • Setting Up a project.

  • The Project manager

  • Importing content

  • Setting up locations

  • Understanding the interface

  • Interface overview

  • The Media Page

  • The editing Page

  • The Color Page

  • The Fairlight Page

  • The Deliver Page


  • Importing Clips for Digital Dailies

  • Editing in the Timeline

  • Importing XML, EDL and AAF

  • Working with Timelines

Colour Theory

  • Understanding the Colour correction process

  • Primary Corrections

  • Secondary Corrections

  • Analysing a shot visually

  • Analysing a shot using Scopes.

  • Analysing and fixing Luminance issues

  • Analysing & Fixing Chrominance Issues

Using Scopes and Correcting Luminance

  • The Waveform monitor

  • Customising the Waveform monitor

  • Using the Colour Wheels interface

  • Life, Gamma, Gain, Offset controls

  • Adjusting Contrast

  • Adjusting Exposure

  • Using Curves to adjust Exposure and contrast

Using Scopes and Correcting Colour

  • Analysing Colour balance problems

  • Understanding the RGB parade

  • Understanding The Vectorscope

  • Fixing colour balance using the Colour Wheels

  • Fixing Colour balance using Curves

  • Fixing Colour Balance using the Primaries Bars


  • Using the Hue Saturation Curve

  • Understanding the Hue V Hue Curve

  • Understanding the Hue Vs Lum curve

  • Understanding the Lum Vs Sat curve

  • Understanding the Sat Vs Sat Curve

  • Using the RGB mixer

  • Adding Blur

Day 2

Grading Continued

  • Secondary Correction

  • Using the Qualifier

  • Keying on Hue, Saturation & Luminance

  • Adjusting the qualifier range

  • Optimising a Key

  • Using Windows (Masks)

  • Tracking using Windows

  • Using Nodes

  • Adding Nodes

  • Serial Nodes Vs Parallel Nodes

  • Outside Nodes

  • Layer Nodes

  • Sizing – Cropping and scaling

  • Adding Effects

  • Amending Effects

  • Keyframing Grades and effects

Using LUTS

  • Using LUTs

  • Importing LUTS

Grade Management

  • Stills Gallery

  • Light-table view

Grade Examples

  • Creating a basic grade


  • Rendering Clips

  • Adding handles

  • Rendering a sequence

  • Round Tripping

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