Davinci's legendary colour correction package now has a superb video editor built in. This comprehensive 2 day hands on course will teach you how to edit video in Resolve.

Covering all key areas, from setting up a project and media management, editing clips to create a roughcut, trimming clips, manipulating audio, adding transitions & effects, animating effects, an introduction to Resolves colour grading tools, and delivery options. This course will get you up and running with Resolve quickly and effectively.


Anyone wanting to explore Divinci Resolves comprehensive video editing tools, coupled with a basic overview of Resolves Primary Colour correction tools.


Students should have the following prerequisite knowledge prior to attending the course: Reasonable knowledge of Mac OS X or Windows navigation.


Day 1

  • Starting a project

  • Importing Media

  • Sequence settings

  • Using Bins

  • Skimming Clips

  • Playing and Viewing Clips

  • Assembling a timeline

  • Insert Edits

  • Overwrite Edits

  • Replace Edits

  • Navigating the timeline

  • Trimming

  • The trim tool

  • Ripple & Roll Edits

  • Re-ordering Clips

  • Audio

  • Adjusting Clips Audio levels

  • Creating fades using handles

  • Keyframing audio

  • Mixing audio

  • Adding Cross Fades

  • Amending Cross Fades

Day 2

  • Adding and Editing Cut Always

  • Using multiple tracks

  • Transitions

  • Adding Video Transitions

  • Amending Video Transitions

  • Creating and amending titles

  • Speed Changes

  • Slow Motion & Fast Motion

  • Adding and amending general Effects

  • Keyframing Effects

  • Adjusting Frame size & position

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