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Premiere Pro Training for AVID Editors, UK Training, Cut-it Training


2 Days

Moving across from AVID Media Composer to Adobe Premiere Pro? This 2 day hands on conversion course will make that transition quick, easy & painless.

Our instructors are experienced users and trainers of AVID Media Composer. We understand the parallels and differences between the packages intimately, allowing us to train you quickly and effectively in parlance that you will understand.


This class is designed for anyone looking to edit professional-quality video using Adobe Premiere Pro. with existing knowledge of AVID Media Composer. The course is designed for those who prefer hands-on and interactive instruction to best explore the full functionality of Adobe Premiere Pro.


An existing working knowledge of AVID Media Composer


Day 1

·       Setting up your system

·       Preferences and project settings

·       Ingesting video,

·       Project Organisation

·       Clips and Bins,

·       Compression (Codecs)

·       Understanding pixel aspect ratio

·       Understanding interlacing

·       Icon Clip View

·       Skimming Clips

·       Setting  Clips Ins/Outs

·       Drag & Drop Editing

·       Insert & Overwrite Edits

·       Creating rough cuts,

·       Using the Source Monitor,

·       Play back Short Cuts

·       Trimming a sequence

·       Using the Ripple Tool

·       Using the Razor Tool

·       Linking & Unlinking clips

·       Locking tracks

·       Audio basics

·       Changing audio levels

·       The Audio Rubber Band

·       Keyframing audio

·       Normalising audio

·       Adding new tracks

·       Editing to new tracks

·       Editing Audio & Video Separately

·       Editing Short Cuts

Day 2

·       Using the Rool Tool

·       Using the Slip Tool

·       Using the Roll Tool

·       Adding & Amending audio transitions

·       Adding & Amending Video transitions.

·       Adding video Effects

·       Adding Audio Effects

·       Adding Multiple Effects

·       Removing Multiple Effects

·       Remove Attributes

·       Paste Attributes

·       Creating Titles & captions

·       Adding graphics

·       Exporting a movie

·       Optimisation for Social media

·       Optimisation for broadcast

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