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Shooting Video On A DSLR


Course Duration: 1 or 2 days (2nd day optional)

Modern DSLR cameras put high visual quality video in reach of anyone.  With interchangeable lenses, high end image sensors and a full set on manual controls, they are an excellent choice to produce quality professional video. This course is designed to teach the basics of shooting video to anyone with a requirement to produce professional content on a DSLR.

The first day is designed to get you shooting simple but effective sequences that will allow you to tell stories through video. Covering, how to use the manual controls on a DSLR, what shots you need to make good edits and how to shoot an interview. Framing types and conventions. Thinking about lighting and sound. Locations, interviews, action: If you can shoot these things well, you can tell stories through video.

This course is designed for photographers or any one else with a DSLR camera moving into the production of professional video.

An optional second day of the course looks at editing content, using Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro or Divinci Resolve, and aims to teach the basic principles of short form and News editing.


This course is designed for photographers or any one else with a DSLR camera moving into the production of professional video.


This course is designed for photographers or any one else with a DSLR camera moving into the production of professional video. As part of the course also provide advice on additional camera kit.


Pre Production

  • Pre-production thinking & the paperwork that you produce from it

  • Outline, treatment

  • Shooting script

  • Storyboard

  • Camera & lighting plan

  • Production schedule

  • Production checklist


  • Recce


  • Importance of technical quality:

  • Good sound

  • Good lighting

  • White balance

  • Using a tripod

Good Shots

  • Well framed

  • Balanced composition relevant / neutral background

  • Shoot optimum amount storyboard

  • Logging Shots

Appropriate Illustrative Material

  • B Roll, GV’s / Cutaways

  • Establishing shot

  • Get as many cutaways as possible

  • Relevant cut-aways

  • Think in sequences of shots

  • Close Ups

  • Continuity

  • Camera Shots:

  • Long Shot, Wide Shot

  • Mid Shot, Medium Close Up, Close Up, Extreme Close Up

  • Camera Moves

•  Pans, Tilts, Zooms, Tracking Shot, Dolly Shot , Sweep 

Framing Shots

  • The Rule of Thirds & Balance Compostition

Crossing The Line


  • Soft, SharpDepth of Field, Pull

  • How to Use the Manual Focus  

  • Adjust focus ring

  • Camera Controls

  • Iris, Shutter
, Lens angle (zoom),  Camera filte

  • Neutral Density (ND)

White Balance

Setting up for an interview

Basic Lighting Set-up

  • Shooting outdoors

  • Shooting Indoors

  • 3 Point Lighting set up


  • Handheld mic, Omnidirectional, Bidirectional, Unidirectional

  • Boom Mic

  • Radio Clip Mic

  • Built in camera mic

  • Traps to avoid


  • Skill of the Interviewer

  • Closed & Open questions

  • Making the interviewee feel at easy

  • Repeating questions

  • Logging the shots

Practice Shooting Vox Pops / Interview / B Roll

Day 2:

Editing / Post Production

  • Ingest Footage & Edit 2 min news package

  • Based on Interview / Vox Pops content

  • Learn basics of Premiere Pro interface & Editing Process

  • Digitising Footage

  • Overview of Premiere Pro Interface

  • Organising Clips in Project Window

  • Skimming & Playing Clips

  • Marking Clips in the Source Monitor

  • Basic keyboard short cuts

  • Creating a rough Cut

  • Editing to the Timeline

  • Insert & Overwrite Edits

  • Playing and Viewing a sequence: The Programme monitor

  • Viewing audio wave form

  • Refining a rough Cut

  • Reordering a sequence

  • Trimming clips using The Ripple Tool

  • The razor Blade Tool / splicing clips

  • Creating breathing Space

  • Normalising audio levels for Dialogue

  • Adding Additional Audio & Mixing/ adjusting audio levels

  • Adding Cut away Shots

  • Trimming Cut Away Shots

  • Creating Split Edits

  • Fading Audio

  • Fading Video

  • Adding basic video & audio transitions

  • Adding captions & Titles

  • Exporting a movie

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