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Video Optimisation Training


1 Day

Learn how to optimise video content for social media. This 1 day training course will teach you how to optimise video quality while keeping file size down. It covers how to create video content for all key social media platforms. Debunking terminology, giving an understanding of key video formats, and covering the workflow for creating edited video content for social media. You need no previous experience to attend this course. However if you need to learn video editing then it is also recommended that you consider our Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X courses.


Anyone who wants to get the best from video compression to achieve great looking results when placing video content on the web and social media.


You need no previous experience to is required.


• Understanding the core principles of video optimisation
• What are codecs, containers and formats
• Common file formats and what they are used for

Compressing Video and Audio
• Compression fundamentals
• Resolution, frame rates and aspect ratio SD, HD 720 & 1080, 4K UHD

Verticle video, square video, 5:4 video

• Using different CODECs
• Looking at keyframes
• Compressing audio
• Target bit-rates
• Variable bit-rates and constant bit-rates

Interlacing and Progressive scan
• Using different software to compress video and audio

Different Media Standards
• Working with MP4 & H264
• Predicting file size of your video
• Creating archival quality video

Social Media
• Recommended settings for YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
• Saving presets in Adobe Media Encoder

Optimisation in the Editing process
• Setting up correct sequence presets
• Thinking about sequence duration
• Grabbing the viewers attention

Questions and Answers

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