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Video Production Masterclass


4 Days

Use of video cameras has become both cheaper & much more widespread. From home use to professional use, our 4 day basic video production course, will teach you the essentials of shooting and editing high quality video content.

Day 1 teaches the essentials of using a camera, planning a shoot, interview techniques, framing shots and lighting and sound recording.

Day 2 is a hands on day, Shooting interview and B-roll content.

Days 3 and 4 covers the process of basic video editing, using Adobe Premiere Pro or Apple Final Cut Pro. It si designed to give you a good basic grounding on in Adobe Premiere Pro or Apple Final Cut Pro, or Divinci Resolve.


Any one wishing to use a video camera & obtain professional looking results, whatever the nature of the video shoot should attend this course.


No previous knowledge of video production or camera skills are required.


Day 1:

Basic Video Production:

The Thinking Process

• Audience, purpose, content style.

Pre Production

  • Pre-production thinking & the paperwork that you produce from it

  • Outline, treatment

  • Shooting script

  • Storyboard

  • Camera & lighting plan

  • Production schedule

  • Production checklist

  • Production checklist


  • Importance of technical quality:

  • Good sound

  • Good lighting

  • White balance

  • Using a tripod

Good Shots

  • Well framed

  • Balanced composition relevant / neutral background

  • Shoot optimum amount storyboard

  • Logging Shots

Appropriate Illustrative Material

  • B Roll, GV’s / Cutaways

  • Establishing shot

  • Get as many cutaways as possible

  • Relevant cut-aways

  • Think in sequences of shots

  • Close Ups

  • Continuity

  • Camera Shots:

  • Long Shot, Wide Shot

  • Mid Shot, Medium Close Up, Close Up, Extreme Close Up

  • Camera Moves

•  Pans, Tilts, Zooms, Tracking Shot, Dolly Shot , Sweep 

Framing Shots

  • The Rule of Thirds & Balance Composition

Crossing The Line


  • Soft, Sharp Depth of Field, Pull

  • How to Use the Manual Focus  

  • Adjust focus ring

  • Camera Controls

  • Iris, Shutter
, Gain
, Lens angle (zoom),  Camera filter

  • Neutral Density (ND)

White Balance

Setting up for an interview

Basic Lighting Set-up

  • Shooting outdoors

  • Shooting Indoors


  • Handheld mic, Omnidirectional, Bidirectional, Unidirectional

  • Boom Mic

  • Radio Clip Mic

  • Built in camera mic

  • Traps to avoid


  • Skill of the Interviewer

  • Closed & Open questions

  • Making the interviewee feel at easy

  • Repeating questions

  • Logging the shots

Practice Shooting Vox Pops / Interview / B Roll

Day 2:

Hands on practice shooting interview and B-Roll, with a view to creating a 3 min feature.

Days 3 and 4

Editing / Post Production

  • Ingest Footage shot on day 2  & Edit into a 3 min news package

  • Based on Interview / Vox Pops content

  • Learn basics of Premiere Pro interface & Editing Process

  • Digitising Footage

  • Overview of Premiere Pro Interface

  • Organising Clips in Project Window

  • Skimming & Playing Clips

  • Marking Clips in the Source Monitor

  • Basic keyboard short cuts

  • Creating a rough Cut

  • Editing to the Timeline

  • Insert & Overwrite Edits

  • Playing and Viewing a sequence: The Programme monitor

  • Viewing audio wave form

  • Refining a rough Cut

  • Reordering a sequence

  • Trimming clips using The Ripple Tool

  • The razor Blade Tool / splicing clips

  • Creating breathing Space

  • Normalising audio levels for Dialogue

  • Adding Additional Audio & Mixing/ adjusting audio levels

  • Adding Cut away Shots

  • Trimming Cut Away Shots

  • Creating Split Edits

  • Fading Audio

  • Fading Video

  • Adding basic video & audio transitions

  • Adding captions & Titles

  • Exporting a movie

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