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Adobe Illustrator Basic Training


2 Days

This comprehensive Adobe  Illustrator training course is designed to enable anyone new to Illustrator to produce professional graphics, designs and illustrations. The course covers Illustrator's sophisticated drawing and text controls. Learn how to creating complex shapes, using adjustable strokes, using painterly effects and the Image Trace and LivePaint features allowing you to create beautiful, professional artwork and designs.

Throughout the two days, the emphasis is on practical, hands‐on learning including a series of exercises designed to consolidate new skills and build confidence. If you wish to tailor this outline to your exact requirements, please call or email. You need no previous experience to attend this course.


Anyone wishing to use Adobe Illustrator to create vector based graphics for print or screen.


You need no previous experience to attend this course. Familiarity with Windows or Mac environment required.


Day One

Welcome to Illustrator
• About vectors and bitmaps

Getting started in Illustrator
• Opening illustrations
• Creating new documents
• Using document profiles
• Saving Illustrator files
• Exploring panels and workspaces
• Useful shortcuts

Artwork components
• Outline vs Preview mode
• Rulers, guides and grids
• Intuitive Smart Guides
• Paths, point and handles
• Grouping objects
• Introducing layers
• Working in Group Isolation Mode

Creating basic shapes
• Using the Shaper tool
• Manipulating shapes with the Shaper tool
• Creating primitive shapes
• Creating polygons, stars and spirals
• Drawing lines, grids and arcs
• Using the Live Corners widget
• Transforming live shapes
• Identifying live shapes in eh Layers panel
• Converting to and from live shapes
• Storing assets in CC libraries

Applying colour
• Colour models
• Applying colour to objects
• Spot vs process colour
• Process and global process colours
• Managing swatches
• Creating colour groups
• Loading swatch libraries

Working with layers
• Creating layers
• Using layers effectively

Drawing in Illustrator
• Drawing with the Pencil tool
• Drawing with the Curvature tool
• Working with paths, points and direction handles
• Drawing paths
• Tips for drawing curves
• Editing, manipulating and modifying paths
• Adding and deleting anchor points
• Splitting cutting and erasing paths
• Using the Average and Join commands
• Using the Join tool


Day Two

Organising your artwork
• Introducing multiple artboards
• Editing the artboard size
• Using guides and smart guides
• Aligning and distributing artwork

Painting in Illustrator
• Manipulating stroke options
• Creating dashed lines
• Adding arrowheads to strokes
• Using the Blob brush
• Using Variable Width profiles
• Using the Variable Width tool

Placing imported graphics
• Linked vs embedded images
• Creating template layers

Using Image Trace
• Automatically tracing artwork
• Converting Image Trace objects

Using LivePaint
• Creating LivePaint groups
• Painting LivePaint objects
• Detecting gaps
• Modifying LivePaint groups

Transforming objects
• Using the Transform tools and menu commands
• Using the Transform panel
• Performing numerical transformations

Creating complex shapes
• Introducing the Shape Builder tool
• Creating compound shapes
• Expanding compound shapes

Working with type
• Using type tools
• The Touch Type tool
• Using the Character and Paragraph panel
• Creating outlines from text
• Creating type on a path

Saving and exporting
• Packaging your Illustrator file for hand-off
• Creating Adobe PDF files
• Exporting files from Illustrator

Questions and answers

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