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Adobe Photoshop Intermediate Training


2 Days

This Adobe authorised course is designed for those with some experience of working with Photoshop who want to get more from this immensely powerful and versatile program. This is a two day intermediate level course designed to enable you to realise your creative and productive potential.

The course will teach you about tone and colour correction, using adjustment layers and layer masks, new retouching techniques in Photoshop CC, automating tasks, working with shapes and brushes and using powerful layering and filtering techniques.

This is a practical, hands-on course designed to enable you to work more quickly and effectively using Adobe Photoshop CC.


Anyone whishing to extend their existing knowledge of Adobe Photoshop


You should have attended the Adobe Photoshop introduction course or have an equivalent working knowledge.


Day one

Photoshop essentials
• Essential keyboard shortcuts
• Working smarter with Mini Bridge
• Customising the workspace
• Creating custom keyboard shortcuts
• Controlling menu item display
• Synchronising settings and presets

Tone and colour correction
• Working with Adjustment Layers
• The Adjustments panel workflow
• Tone and colour correction techniques
• Working with Levels and Curves
• Working with the Info panel
• Using Fixed Colour Samplers

Selective corrections
• Working with Camera RAW images
• Selective and local colour adjustments
• Editing Adjustment Layer Masks
• Target Adjustment controls
• Black and White command
• Colour grading effects

Selection techniques
• Working with Photoshop Paths
• Creating selections from Paths
• Working in Quick Mask mode
• The Refine Edge command
• Masking fine details using Edge Detection properties
• Export options for creating image cut-outs

Retouching techniques
• Canvas extensions using Content Aware Scale
• Getting the most from Content Aware tools
• The Vanishing Point filter
• Retouching in perspective

Questions and answers

Day two

Automating tasks
• The Actions panel
• Recording Actions
• Controlling Action playback
• Batch processing images with Actions
• Saving and loading Action sets

Layer techniques
• Working faster and smarter with layers
• Filtering and searching layers
• The Auto Align and Blend Layers commands
• Using Layer Blend Modes
• The Perspective Warp tool

Working with Layer Masks
• Creative techniques with Layer Masks
• Key tools for editing Layer Masks
• Adjusting Layer Mask properties
• Working with Layer Groups
• Using Clipping Groups

Smart Objects
• Advantages of using layers as Smart Objects
• Converting layers to Smart Objects
• Embedding vs Linked Smart Objects
• Workflow for editing the content of Smart Objects

Working with brushes and patterns
• Creating custom brushes
• Working with Paint Stroke dynamics
• Adjusting colour dynamics
• Custom patterns with Deco fills

  • Working with paint and colour

  • Mixing and sampling colour

  • The Paint Brush tools

  • Working with Brush settings

  • Adding solid colour fills

  • Adding gradient fill

  • Filter techniques

  • Creative effects with Smart Filters

  • Editing Smart Filter Masks

  • Filter opacity and blend controls

  • Working with Blur Gallery filters

    Questions and answers

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