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Video Production For Social Media


2 Days

This two day crash course is designed to teach the basics of shooting and editing video content for social media.

Want to become a YouTuber producing professional looking video content, or post quality content on Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter or Snap Chat? This course will teach you the necessary basic concepts and practical skills.

Day one teaches the basics of planning a production and shooting content, based on producing talking head interviews, Pieces to Camera, features and promos. It covers using video camera technology, framing shots, recording good sound and using basic lighting / using existing available light. There is also advice on interview techniques and formulating good questions.

Day 2 and 3 is focused on editing content and optimising for social media. Including an introduction to video editing software; using Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro or Divinci  Resolve.

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Any one wishing to shoot video content for delivery via social media.


No previous knowledge is required.


Day 1:

Pre - Production  & Production

Pre Production

  • Pre-production thinking & the paperwork that you produce from it

  • Outline, treatment

  • Storyboard

  • Production schedule

  • Production checklist

Kit overview and recommendation


  • Recce


  • Skill of the Interviewer

  • Closed & Open questions

  • Best Practice


  • Importance of technical quality:

  • Good sound

  • Good lighting

  • White balance

  • Using a tripod

Good Shots

  • Framing Shots

  • The Rule of Thirds & Balance

  • Shot Composition

Acquiring appropriate Illustrative Material

  • Shooting B Roll, GV’s / Cutaways


  • How to Use the Manual Focus

  • Depth of Field, Pull focus

  • Controls: Iris, Shutter
, Gain
, Lens angle

  • White Balance

Setting up for an interview

Basic Lighting Set-up

  • Best Prtactice

  • Shooting outdoors

  • Shooting Indoors

  • 3 point lighting set up


  • Using Different mics

  • Best practice

Day2 : Editing / Post Production

  • Ingest Footage & Edit 3 min feature package

  • Learn basics of Premiere Pro interface

  • Digitising / ingesting Footage

  • Organising Media / file management

  • Overview of Premiere Pro Interface

  • Organising Clips

  • Skimming & Playing Clips

  • Marking Clips

  • Creating a rough Cut

  • Editing to the Timeline

  • Insert & Overwrite Edits

  • Playing and Viewing a sequence: The Programme monitor

  • Viewing audio wave form

  • Refining a rough Cut

  • Reordering a sequence

  • Trimming clips

  • Splicing clips

  • Creating breathing Space

  • Normalising audio levels for Dialogue

  • Adding Additional Audio & Mixing/ adjusting audio levels

Day3: Editing & Optimisation

  • Adding Cut away Shots

  • Trimming Cut Away Shots

  • Refining a Sequence

  • Creating Split Edits

  • Fading Audio

  • Fading Video

  • Adding basic video & audio transitions

  • Adding basic video effects

  • Basic Colour Correction

  • Adding captions & Titles

  • Exporting a movie

  • Optimisation for YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook

  • Optimisation for Twitter and SnapChat

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