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Apple Keynote Course


1 Day

Amaze your audience with cinema-quality presentations that are easier than ever to create. Keynote allows you to take your presentations to a higher, more sophisticated & more professional level than ever before.
Keynote is part of Apple’s IWork package. This training course will teach you the Fundamentals of using Keynote, allowing you to maximise your creativity.
Learn how to create high quality presentations. During this day you will set-up new presentations, learn how to make templates / themes, format text, graphics and sound & incorporate video content into a presentation.
Who should attend?
Any one new to Keynote or with little existing knowledge who want to learn Keynore quickly and create media rich, slick slide presentations.


Any one new to Keynote or with little existing knowledge who want to learn Keynote quickly and create media rich, slick slide presentations.


No previous experience is required


  • Choosing a theme.

  • Choose a slide size

  • Overview of interface

  • Interface Views:

  • The navigator view,

  • The Outline View,

  • The Slide View,

  • The Light table view.

  • Menus,

  • The Button Bar,

  • The Formatting Bar,

  • The Inspector,

  • The Colour Picker,

  • The Font Panel.

  • View options

  • Guides and rulers

  • Dynamic guides.

  • Title Slide,

  • Text Options,

  • Drop Shadows,

  • Colour Options,

  • Background options,

  • Colour Fills,

  • Gradient Fills,

  • Image Fills,

  • Tinted Images

  • Fills.

  • Bullet Options,

  • Text Columns,

  • Numbering Options,

  • Tiered Numbers,

  • Using Master Slides,

  • Using Images,

  • Images place holders.

  • Masks, amending masks.

  • Using Shape masks,

  • Images borders and frames,

  • Rotating an image,

  • Flipping an image,

  • Reflections.

  • Keying a background – creating transparency

  • Grouping images,

  • Text boxes.

  • Un-constraining images,

  • Using Audio,

  • Looping audio,

  • Starting audio on a click,

  • Creating an audio play range,

  • Adjusting audio levels.

  • Using video,

  • Starting video on a click.

  • Creating a table,

  • Importing data into a table,

  • Changing cell borders,

  • Cell backgrounds,

  • Formatting text in a table,

  • creating formula in a table.

  • Creating a 3D chart,

  • importing data to a chart,

  • amending the angle of a chart,

  • Extruding a chart,

  • Applying chart colour schemes,

  • Applying textures to charts,

  • Creating image and colour fills to charts.

  • Animating a chart using Builds.

  • Builds,

  • Animating text,

  • Animating objects.

  • Shapes,

  • Shape fills,

  • Using shapes as text boxes,

  • Creating hyperlinks.

  • Linking to slides,

  • linking to a web site.

  • Creating slide transitions.

  • Creating an auto run of slides.

  • Customising slide transitions.

  • The light table view.

  • Importing a PowerPoint presentation.

  • Adding Slide Notes.

  • Adding Comments.

  • Print Options,

  • Slides with notes,

  • Handout options,

  • print an outline.

  • Saving as a PDF.

  • PDF layout options.

  • Export options.

  • Export to PowerPoint.

  • Export for Web.

  • Export as images.

  • Export as a Quicktime movie.

  • Presenting a show.

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