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How to Teach Online - Hands On

1/2 Day

Improve your on-line  teaching skills with our How to teach online course.

This course is designed to take you though all the key elements required to deliver high quality remote hands on training.

The course will advise on everything from relevant kit, delivery platforms, improving the audio visual side of your online presentation, tips for managing delegates and getting the most out of the remote delivery platform.

This course is an essential for anyone new to presenting and teaching online, or for anyone wanting to get the most out of remote training delivery.


Any one planning to deliver hands on training or interactive presentations to small groups


No previous experience is required


Picking a platform


Useful kit


Personal presentation

  • Location

  • Camera position

  • Framing

  • Lighting

  • Sound


Format V group size

Hands on training

  • Set up

  • Delivery

  • Do’s & Don’ts

  • Tips & good practice


Getting the most out of Zoom’s features

  • Setting up a training session

  • Security

  • Waiting rooms

  • The Chat Room

  • Views

  • Sharing

  • Delegate device remote control

  • On screen annotation

  • Recording a session


Q & A

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