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Shooting Video On A Smart Phone


1-2 Days (2nd Day optional)

The modern smart phones are a revolution in video technology. They shoot in HD, delivering excellent picture quality. At the same time, they have their technical limitations and these need to be managed. This course sets out some simple, easy to understand rules that will allow you to transform your iPhone or android camera into a powerful journalistic tool.

The first day is designed to get you shooting simple but effective sequences that will allow you to tell stories through video. Covering what shots you need to make good edits, how to shoot an interview. Framing types and conventions. Thinking about lighting and sound. Locations, interviews, action: If you can shoot these things well, you can tell stories through video. This course will show you how – using your own iPhone. The Second day is designed to get you editing and give you understanding of the edit process.

An optional second day of the course looks at editing content, using Apple Imovie, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro or Divinci Resolve, and aims to teach the basic principles of short form and News editing.


Anybody with an interest in learning the basics of video-production using an iPhone


  • You will need your own iPhone 4, 4S or 5, 5C 5S, 6, 6s, 7, or Android Phone such as Samsung Galaxy with optionally with FiLMic Pro (£2.99) installed. Basic tripods and mounts will be discussed and will be available for use. However it is preferable to buy and bring. (Please contact us if you require further advice)


  • Recognise and shoot the key shots needed to tell stories through video.

  • Shoot professional looking video content on their iPhone, suitable for use on the web.

  • Control focus, exposure and white balance on their iPhone.

  • Shoot basic sequences to cover location, interviews and individual activity.

  • Edit sequences together to form a short film, using iMovie.

Day 1.

  • Use a tripod

  • Plan a shoot

  • Frame shots

  • Use different shots

  • Shoot an interview

  • Use sound

  • Understand basic lighting

Course Content:

Pre Production:

  • Treatment

  • Story board

  • Shot List

  • Production check list

Phone familiarisation & set-up:

FiLMic Pro features:

  • White Balance

  • Understanding & Using Depth of Field

Shooting Video:

  • Framing Shots

  • Rule of Thirds

  • Looking Space

  • Camera Moves: Pan Tilt, Zoom

  • Establishing Shots

  • GVs / Cut aways

Using Lighting:

  • Using existing lighting conditions

  • Using Natural Light

  • Using artificial light

  • Basic Lighting set up

Using sound:

  • Best practice

  • Monitoring audio levels

Setting up an interview:

  • Asking questions

  • Open & closed questions

  • Structuring an interview

  • Shooting BRoll

  • Establishing Shots

  • Close Ups

  • Filling out the story

Loading Content onto a Mac or PC

Hands on Practice of the above

Day 2 (Optional)

  • Ingest Footage & Edit 2 min news package

  • Learn basics of IMovie interface & Editing Process

  • Digitising / ingesting Footage

  • Organising Media / file management

  • Organising Clips in Event Window

  • Skimming & Playing Clips

  • Marking Clips

  • Basic keyboard short cuts

  • Creating a rough Cut

  • Editing to the Timeline

  • Playing and Viewing a sequence

  • Viewing audio wave form

  • Refining a rough Cut

  • Replacing Clips

  • Reordering a sequence

  • Trimming clips

  • The splicing clips

  • Adjusting audio levels

  • Adding Music

  • Mixing/ adjusting audio levels

  • Adding Cut away Shots

  • Trimming Cut Away Shots

  • Fading Audio

  • Fading Video

  • Adding basic video & audio transitions

  • Adding basic video effects

  • Basic Colour Correction

  • Adding captions & Titles

  • Exporting a movie

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