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Adobe Premiere Pro Colour Correction Lumetri


1 Day

Take your productions to a new level with the powerful colour grading capabilities of Adobe® Premiere and Adobe After Effects, Lumetri Color Tools, now part of Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe After Effects CC. Craft your looks to create picture-perfect output for virtually any format, from handheld tablets to the big screen.

Up your creativity.

Focusing on Adobe Premiere's Lumetri Color colour correction tools & scopes, this 1 day hands on training course will teach you the basics of colour correction & grading; from analysing shots, using Scopes, correcting problems and creating grades. It will also teach you the principles and workflow of colour correction.

The Lumetri Colour Tools, scopes and work space have given Adobe Premiere Pro a professional and comprehensive set of colour correction and grading features, enabling users to accurately colour correct and grade a sequence with out exporting to dedicated colour grading packages.

​Learn these new tools and the process of colour correction and grading, quickly and effectively, with our 1 day course.


Any existing Adobe Premiere Pro users that want to learn the basics of colour correction and grading using the excellent  Lumerti color tools. Upping their creativity and giving their video output a slicker high production value look.


A basic understanding of Adobe Premiere is required.


  • The Color Workspace

  • Customising the Color Workspace

  • Over view of the colour correction workflow

  • Broadcast safe settings

  • Primary Correction,

  • Adjusting Luminance,

  • High Contrast / Low Contrast

  • Excess Luma

  • Using the Histogram

  • Using the Waveform Monitor

  • Correcting Chrominance

  • Correcting a colour cast

  • Using the RGB Parade

  • Using The Vector Scope

  • Using Color Wheels,

  • Using the Basic Controls

  • Using Curves

  • The Hue Saturation Curve

  • Secondary Correction

  • Using Key based qualifiers

  • Hue, Saturation & Luminance,

  • Using Masks

  • Adding a Mask to a primary & Secondary corrections

  • Using Multiple corrections creating a grade

  • Saving a grade

  • Using Lumetri Looks

  • Applying grades over multiple clips

  • Correcting over a sequence

  • Using the Lumetri Color Effects with Adjustment layers

  • Rendering & output.

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