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Adobe Premiere Pro Advanced


2 Days

Already a user of  Adobe Premiere Pro? This  2 day hands on intermediate training course will build on your existing knowledge and improve your skill set and editing speed.

The course covers more advanced editing techniques and short cuts,  delves into a number of useful effects and features, animating effects and creating animated title and graphics templates.

A basic knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro is required to attend this course. Please see our Adobe Premiere Pro Basic training course outline for details of what a basic knowledge entails. Or alternatively contact us directly for details.


This class is designed for anyone looking to edit professional-quality video using Adobe Premiere Pro. A good basic understanding of Premiere Pro is desired. The course is designed for those who prefer hands-on and interactive instruction to best explore the full functionality of Adobe Premiere Pro.


Basic understanding of Adobe Premiere is required.


Day One

  • Overview of features

  • Effective media management

  • Optimising your system

  • The Mercury playback engine

  • Checking playback settings

  • Importing files

  • Importing from Photoshop

  • Scrub and skim clips, set in and out points, and resize clip thumbnails in the Project Panel


  • Advanced editing

  • Edit Short Cuts

  • Using Video & Audio Patch Controls

  • Editing Video or Audio Only

  • 3 point edits

  • 4 point Fit to Fill Edits

  • Replace edits

  • Using the Ripple, Roll, Slip and Slide tools

  • Using Slip and Slide

  • Dynamic trimming in the timeline

  • Replacing clips retaining attributes

  • Trimming Short Cuts (Trim Ripple & Roll)

  • Precise trimming using short cuts

  • Extend Edit command


  • Sync Lock

  • Un-linking video and audio

  • Editing hints and tips

  • Normalising Audio Levels

  • Audio Gain

  • Keyframing Audio

  • Using The Audio workspace


Day Two

  • Normalising Audio Levels

  • Audio Gain

  • Keyframing Audio

  • Video & Audio Transition Short Cuts

  • Adding Multiple Transitions

  • Customsing Transitions

  • Changing the default transition properties

  • Adding Multiple Effects

  • Adding Effects to Multiple Clips

  • Removing Effects from Multiple Clips

  • Adding Custom Effects to Multiple Clips

  • Copy & Paste Effects

  • Copy & Paste Attributes

  • Saving Effect Presets

  • Keyframing Effects

  • Using Effect Masks

  • Tracking using Effects masks

  • Bluring a face

  • Using The Warp Stabilizer Effect

  • working with motion & Transparency

  • Using the Graphics workspace

  • Creating a Lower Third Graphic

  • Animating a Graphic

  • Saving a graphics Template

  • Optimising a sequence for social media

  • Converting a sequence for Vertical Video

  • Exporting video

  • Exporting for broadcast

  • Exporting for the web

  • Batch export via Adobe Media Encoder

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